Freelance Writing

Have you been re-writing the same sentence for the last two hours? Stop.

typewriter-801921_1280The Problem

The time constraints associated with keeping up with the seemingly infinite need to create fresh content is overwhelming. You’ve got a lot happening. There just isn’t enough time to do it alone.

Or, perhaps you’re just not a trained copywriter. When that’s the case, crafting a few quick lines of compelling copy can turn into a daunting task.

Why Do You Need Help?

Good writing is important. Your copy is a reflection of you, your business and your brand. That’s not to mention that it’s an excellent indicator as to the quality of service you’ll provide.

While it’s probably not your intent to write copy that contains incorrect grammar and misspellings, it’s important to remember that even minor mistakes are perceived as carelessness. What do you think that says to your customers?

Further, keeping your content fresh and compelling is imperative to building a loyal customer base. With the endless stream of new content being added to the web each day, your customers seek content that is useful, personal, relevant and timely — direct from the experts.

Enter: Lexi

You need help and you need it now. Thankfully, I’m a freelance writer who can generate fresh, new content that’s meaningful to your customers and clients. And, thanks to the wonderful world of technology, I can write for you no matter your location — whether you’re in Cleveland, OH or Charlotte, NC.


  • Articles – both online and print
  • Press releases, fact sheets and media kits
  • Advertising and promotional copywriting
  • Blogs and other social media copy needs
  • Speechwriting and presentations
  • Professional letters, RFPs and business letter templates
  • Editing, proofreading, research, fact checking

Click here to view some of my writing portfolio samples.