Public Relations Consulting

Wouldn’t life be easier if you just had a minute to focus?

The Situation

Let’s face it, your PR manager has his or her hands full. Trust me, I’ve been there. Last-minute media calls, the unexpected crisis, product launches, press releases, media tracking, social media – the list goes on. And, that’s not to his or her detriment. PR’s a tough job. In fact, the public relations profession was named the eighth most stressful career by

Enter: Lexi

My cell phone doesn’t ring at midnight with a media crisis. The CEO doesn’t swing by my desk with a last-minute request. And, you certainly won’t find me bogged down with completing those tedious company expense reports. Whether you’re located in Cleveland or Charlotte, I can be an extension of your team who has the time and energy to do what your crazy day won’t permit: focus. I can achieve a multitude of results based on your objectives, timetables and budget.


  • Strategic public relations planning
  • Media pitching
  • Planning/executing media visits
  • Writing/disseminating press releases, fact sheets, kits
  • Media list building
  • Community and stakeholder relations
  • Internal communications
  • Social media integration
  • PR “odds and ends” — those little things that seem to bog down your to-do list

Click here to view some of my public relations portfolio samples.