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Freelancer. Success addict. Deadline freak. Budget booster. Confidante.


Enough With The Fluff

Lexi HotchkissI’m a freelance copywriter. I’m a public relations consultant. I’m a content marketing expert. And, I’m a passionate defender of Cleveland, Ohio.

But I’m also that person who drives back home to make sure the oven wasn’t left on. I turned an interior closet in my house into a tornado shelter. And if you think every jacket I own isn’t fully equipped with at least one tube of chapstick and a pair of gloves at the ready, you are sorely mistaken.

I have an annoying habit of editing everything I read for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Writing and editing have generally carried me through life’s ups and downs. In fact, at the age of 39, I finally “rebelled” and got my first tattoo — of a pencil.

I’m also the type of person who would much prefer a happy hour meeting over that of one in a coffee shop. I consume an alarming amount of cable news. And while I live in a house situated in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, it’s unlikely you’d ever catch me hiking. I’m what many would describe as “indoorsy.”

I believe life is too short to be anything but authentic and genuine — whether that’s in your prose, your business approach or the imagery on your Instagram story.

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My Career

Nearly 20 years ago, fresh off an internship in state government and a degree in hand, I started working in politics. I was hired to run a state senatorial campaign for a candidate who was term-limited out of the House. The experience, although brief, taught me a lot about integrity, public trust, social change — and the lack thereof.  It also showed me the value of connecting with the community, the need to be creatively resourceful and the influence of legislative action. It was a powerful experience.

Getting Started

After losing the campaign, I took over the public relations for a Cleveland-area amusement park, which I’ve always viewed to be more of an incredibly fun lifestyle than an actual job. It was a “trial by fire” kind of situation where I quickly developed an understanding of crisis communication. It’s also where I fell in love with roller coasters — a passion I maintain to this day.

I then got my footing at a Cleveland-based public relations agency where I honed my chops in the basic skills needed to be a PR pro, while gaining exposure to a variety of industries and businesses. Proactive PR. Reactive PR. B2B. B2C. Civic organizations. Big corporations. Small businesses. I worked with them all while there.

Later, I found myself again in the tourism industry. This time, however, I worked for an indoor waterpark resort (which are mainstays of the Midwest). It was there that I gained hands-on knowledge of digital marketing, advertising and what it takes to operate a small business. I also had the really unique opportunity to name all of the waterpark’s slides, attractions and room types. If we’re being honest here, that was the best part.

Moving Up

After that, I was hired at the convention and visitors bureau of Greater Cleveland (a.k.a. Destination Cleveland) where I eventually became the Director of Communications. I adored this position at a world-class civic organization. It took my level of expertise in all facets of marketing from 0 to 100. It’s where I learned the true meaning of success and built a network of some immensely knowledgable professionals and mentors.

My career (and life!) took some twists and turns thanks to motherhood and marriage, so I dedicated the next five years to freelance consulting in both Charlotte, NC and Cleveland, OH. Any one who has ever started their own business knows that it’s a lesson in and of itself. At its core, however, I’ve learned that perseverance, impeccable time management, maintaining a network of smart professionals and good, old-fashioned hard work can lead you down the road to success.

Worlds converged in 2019 and I again found myself gainfully employed at Destination Cleveland as the Senior Manager of Content. Today, I manage the organization’s digital content, which includes copywriting/editing, photography and video.


In my role as a Cleveland freelance copywriter and PR consultant, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to work with a variety of clients — from inspirational authors to driven small business owners — handling everything from content strategy to national media relations.

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