About Lexi

Freelancer. Success addict. Deadline freak. Budget booster. Confidante.


Enough With The Fluff

Lexi HotchkissI’m that person who drives back home to make sure the oven wasn’t left on.  I turned an interior closet in my house into a tornado shelter. And, I have a pretty annoying habit of editing everything I read (junk mail, blogs, signs, etc.) for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

I’m also the type of person who would much prefer a happy hour meeting over that of one in a coffee shop. I tend to attract random strangers seeking a person to hear their woes. I look at life a little unconventionally. And, I never take myself too seriously.

My name is Lexi Hotchkiss and if you’re looking for a list of my skills and qualifications, I highly recommend you visit my LinkedIn page or view my resume. But, if you’re seeking to learn a little about the real me, read on.

Many folks told me that when I started to do some freelance consulting that I should create a company name that wasn’t my actual name.  “Sound like an official company,” they’d say!

But, to me, that seems a little phony. And, I’m a firm believer that there’s a deep connection between authenticity and integrity.  I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to simply be myself.


My Career

I’ve worked my tail off in the communications field for the last 15 years (see it here). I can’t say that I’ve ever had a job where my schedule wasn’t jam-packed or that my email wasn’t constantly pinging away. But, hey, that’s the life of a communications professional.

I got started working in politics after graduating from college. I ran a state senatorial campaign that taught me a lot about integrity, public trust, social change — and the lack thereof.  It also showed me the value of connecting with the community, the need to be creatively resourceful and the influence of legislative action. It was a powerful experience.

Later, I took over the public relations for a Cleveland-area amusement park, which I always viewed to be more of an incredibly fun lifestyle than an actual job. It was a “trial by fire” kind of situation where I quickly developed an understanding of crisis communication.  It’s also where I fell in love with roller coasters — a love affair I maintain to this day.

I then got my footing at a Cleveland-based PR agency where I honed my chops in the basic skills needed to be a PR pro, while being exposed to a variety of industries and businesses.

Then, I found myself again in the entertainment industry. This time, however, I worked for an indoor waterpark resort (which are mainstays of the Midwest).  It was there that I gained intimate knowledge of digital marketing, advertising and what it takes to operate a small business.

My most recent full-time position before starting my own communications firm, was as the Director of Communications for the convention and visitors bureau of Greater Cleveland (a.k.a. Destination Cleveland). I adored my position at this world-class civic organization as it took my level of expertise from 0 to 100. It’s where I learned the true meaning of success and became greatly addicted to that incredible high.



In my newest role as a freelance contractor, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to work with a variety of clients — from inspirational authors to incredibly driven small-business owners — handling everything from content strategy to national media relations outreach.

Any one who has ever started their own business knows that the move to self employment is a lesson in and of itself. At its core, however, I’ve learned that perseverance, impeccible time management, maintaining a network of smart professionals and good, old-fashioned hard work can lead you down the road to success.


Let’s Connect

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